Call centres are busy work environments, and with phones ringing and conversations happening 24/7, there’s lots of noise. For many retail businesses or service providers, a call centre is an important touchpoint, and may be the first point of contact prospective customers have. Aside from hiring the right team for the job, it’s also important to have the right acoustic environment in place.

From general customer service centres to health and finances advice lines, in many cases, the conversations occurring in call centres can include discussing confidential information. With this in mind, it’s important to offer a certain level of privacy for your callers to comply with GDPR.

Remark Group works with private and public sector call centres to provide bespoke sound masking solutions. The benefit? To improve audio quality for your callers, boost speech privacy, and increase employee productivity.

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How Does Sound Masking Work In A Call Centre?

Sound masking is ambient sound that is unobtrusive. It matches the frequency of human speech to provide increased levels of speech privacy, and reduce noise distractions. While it produces sound, it will not be heard on the other end of the phone, so you can rest assured that the quality of the audio and intelligibility of your phone conversations won’t be impacted.

Instead, the quality of your work environment will be enhanced. Often likened to the sound of airflow or air conditioning, the sound enhances your workspace and remains in the background, never interrupting.

Sound masking reduces the sound of others’ conversations and distracting noises in the office. In fact, these systems are able to minimise disruptions from approximately 15m to just 6m.

The emitters can be placed into zones that cover all or part of your call centre, depending on your requirements.

Benefits of Sound Masking In A Call Centre

  • Boost privacy and stay GDPR compliant – when handling personal or confidential information, it’s important to provide a certain level of speech privacy. Help protect callers from having their personal information overheard and protect from identity theft.
  • Reduce mistakes – it’s also important for your employees to get the details correct when inputting information into your databases. Sound masking can help your employees be less distracted and more focused to minimise mistakes.
  • Reduce interruptions – this can equate to a higher number of calls being taken, and better quality conversations, leading to improved productivity.
  • Improve the working environment – make the acoustic environment more comfortable for your employees and create a workspace that’s free of excess noise distractions.
  • Higher levels of noise in the workplace can increase stress levels among your employees and result in a higher staff turnover – managing your acoustic environment can help improve productivity, morale, wellbeing and accuracy.

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The Process

Book a demonstration


The best way to understand the benefits of sound masking for call centres, is to experience it for yourself in a live working environment. We explain the systems in a way that is accessible and jargon-free. We take the time to answer all your queries.

Design process


We’ll work with you to create a completely bespoke solution that suits your unique requirements and environment. Our quotes are based on the equipment and installation requirements for your specific call centre.

Organise a site survey


Our engineers or project managers will arrange a visit at a time to suit you.

Installation and Aftercare


Our installation is non-disruptive and discreet. With all the detailed planning, we’ll have everything to your exact requirements before we begin installation. We’ll demonstrate how to use the sound masking system to ensure you can use it from day one. If you need any further assistance, our team can be on-hand to provide support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a legal obligation to provide speech privacy in a call centre?

As part of GDPR, it’s important to ensure that personal information is handled responsibly. Offering increased levels of privacy ensures that your customers’ personal information is better protected.

How is sound masking controlled?

You can switch the sound masking on and off, as well as alter the volume and frequency. This can be done through a dial, which is a light-switch sized device that can be installed on the wall. You can also limit who can control the sound masking to ensure sufficient levels of privacy are always maintained across your call centre.

How long does it take to install?

How long sound masking takes to install will depend on how many emitters you need, and how specialised your requirements are. We work efficiently and ensure high quality designs and installations.