Sound Masking For Financial Sectors

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Why Use Sound Masking For Financial Sectors

Ideal for high street banks and financial advisors, sound masking for financial sectors provides privacy for confidential meetings with customers and clients. Ensuring that individuals are able to discuss their private financial information in complete confidence will not only protect their personal data, but also establish you as a reliable and trustworthy service provider. It’s most effective when treating private meeting spaces and is particularly ideal for rooms with glass partition walls.

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How Does Sound Masking Work?

This acoustic technology is specially designed to match the frequency of human speech. By raising the levels of ambient background sound, private conversations become unintelligible. The emitters can be placed across your building or in select spaces.

Aside from restoring speech privacy, these systems are able to minimise circles of disruption by approximately 10m.

Noise is cited as the #1 driver of employee dissatisfaction in office environments. Sound masking gently masks the noise distractions and increases concentration levels. By reducing the distance that human voices can travel, privacy, confidentiality and productivity is improved.

It all adds up to a greater level of service, a more efficient workforce and a better customer experience.

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Key Benefits

  • Increase speech privacy in consultation rooms 
  • Help protect your client’s personal financial information 
  • Safeguard clients from identity theft
  • Helps to ensure your service is GDPR compliant
  • Reduce worker mistakes and miscalculations
  • Boost productivity of employees
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The Process

Book a demonstration


To find out more, book onto a demonstration at our office or via a live video session. Our team of sound masking experts will explain the systems in a way that is accessible and jargon-free. We’ll also answer all your queries.

Design process


We’ll work with you to create a completely bespoke solution that works to your unique requirements and environment. Our quotes are based on the equipment and installation needs for your specific workspace.

Organise a site survey


Our engineers or project managers can arrange a visit at a time to suit you.

Installation and aftercare


With all the details planned, we’ll have everything to your exact requirements before we begin installation. We provide an efficient and non-disruptive service. If your requirements change, you can give us a call and our engineers can alter your sound masking systems to suit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you control the sound masking?

You can switch the sound masking on and off and alter the volume and frequency according to your requirements. You can also limit who controls the system to ensure sufficient levels of privacy are always maintained.

Can you see and hear the sound masking?

The system emits ambient and unobtrusive sound. The sound blends into the background and sounds like a gentle airflow or air conditioning machine. The emitters are predominantly installed in the ceiling, so they are barely noticeable and are designed to visually blend into the ceiling. They are discreet. Where necessary, we can install the emitters in other locations depending on your requirements.