Sound Masking For Legal Environments

Improve Privacy And Confidentiality In Law Firms


For law firms, the issue of privacy and confidentiality is a big consideration. Sound masking is an acoustic technology that can help ensure your private conversations are not overheard, whilst also helping your team stay focused.

Likened to the sound of air flow, sound masking reduces background conversations and distracting noises to a gentle murmur.

Designed to be an ambient sound, sound masking speakers can be installed in the ceiling or at strategic points across your office for a non-intrusive surround sound that elevates speech privacy.

Keep your highly sensitive conversations private with our sound masking for legal environments.

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How Could Sound Masking Benefit Your Law Firm?

Increase levels of speech privacy

As sound masking is specially engineered to match the frequency of human speech, this makes background conversations across your offices unintelligible to others. If your walls are thin, or you frequently have clients and staff walking past the door of your meeting room, sound masking can prevent other people overhearing or eavesdropping.

You’re in control of the volume and can alter the level of ambient noise separately for each room. So if you’ve got a highly confidential board meeting or want to give your clients that little extra privacy for a comfortable and professional experience, you can achieve that with our sound masking installations.

Stay professional, and ensure clients can speak to your legal team in complete confidence whilst also upholding your speech privacy obligations.

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Boost focus and productivity

Sound masking is specially engineered to ensure the sound is non-intrusive and doesn’t affect your employees’ ability to concentrate. In fact, by minimising the impact of intrusive office noises, such as phone conversations and typing, it does the opposite.

This means your lawyers and admin staff should be able to focus and complete detail-orientated tasks to a high standard, reducing the risk of errors in correspondence or your all-important case matter.

Non-intrusive installations

The installations can be easily integrated into your work spaces and meeting rooms without impacting the aesthetic of your office. Unlike other acoustic products for the office, our sound masking offers an even coverage for a fully immersive sound dispersion that works for your legal team, admin staff and clients.


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