Sound Masking For The Workplace

If you want to provide a modern work environment that brings out the best in your employees, sound masking could be the ideal solution.

More and more employees are working together in open-plan spaces for collaboration. This is great for communication, and even a good way to save on overheads with regards to building costs. However, open-plan work environments are not without their setbacks.

With over half of UK office workers reporting noise distractions as a problem, sound masking is a turnkey solution that employers can use to combat this issue.

At Remark Group, we take the time to tailor the sound masking solution to your specific environment, making sure the frequency is at an optimal level and that each zone is best placed for ultimate noise reduction and speech privacy enhancement.

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How does sound masking reduce noise distractions?

Overhearing conversations in the office is cited as the biggest distraction in UK offices.

Sound masking is an ambient sound that targets the same frequency as human speech to make conversations less intelligible. You can still converse with your employees and clients with ease, but conversations from across the room will sound softer. Discussions happening in adjoining rooms will be completely unintelligible.

Emitters are strategically placed to create masking zones. Each zone can be controlled independently, so if there’s a strictly confidential meeting that needs to remain private, you can increase the privacy level to the maximum output.

The Installation & Support Process

Book a demonstration – By booking a demonstration at our headquarters, you can experience the sound masking first-hand. We’ll explain the systems in a way that is accessible and jargon-free. We take the time to answer all your queries.

Organise a site survey – Our engineers or project managers will arrange a visit at a time to suit you.

Design process – We’ll work with you to create a completely bespoke solution that works to your unique requirements. Having worked with a wide range of companies, organisations and buildings, we work with your individual needs to create a bespoke sound masking system that works for your environment. With Remark, we bring the expertise, and ensure you’re in control of your sound masking system.

Installation – With all the detailed planning, we’ll have everything to your exact requirements before we begin installation. We prioritise accuracy, efficiency and working around your business operations.

Aftercare – If your requirements change, you can give us a call and our engineers can alter your sound masking systems to suit. We’re never more than a phone call away.

Contact Remark today to book a demonstration of our sound masking technology.

Sound Masking For Meeting Rooms

For meeting and video conferencing rooms, sound masking is an ideal tool to help prevent external noises from interrupting your conversations. This will improve the audio quality of your conference calls with clients and stakeholders. It will also enhance your professional communications and ensure smooth, interruption-free meetings.

You’ll also benefit from increased speech privacy as spoken words can’t be overheard by adjoining rooms or people walking past the room. Reducing your conversations to an unintelligible murmur helps to protect any confidential or personal information from being overheard.

You can also add natural soundscapes that work well with the sound masking to create a relaxed environment for your employees and clients. You can target or treat specific areas, such as wellbeing rooms or breakout spaces.

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What about open-plan offices?

Sound masking is an effective way to reduce noise distractions in open-plan offices.

The radius of distraction is reduced by up to 10 metres, making it much easier for your employees to concentrate and focus. This ultimately leads to increased productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Colleagues having a quiet conversation amongst themselves will be less audible and the discussion less intelligible. Louder conversations will still be audible in open-plan offices but the ambient sound creates sound bubbles which helps to distance the conversation. This helps employees to focus on the task at hand and feel more comfortable in their work environment.

By reducing noise distractions in open-plan offices you can increase productivity and reduce stress levels.

According to our Noise and Wellbeing at Work survey, sudden bursts of noise are the most irritating in the workplace, with the most annoying being:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the sound masking installed?

The sound masking emitters are typically installed in the ceiling. However, this is not always possible, so we discuss your requirements to ensure the sound masking is installed in an optimum setting that works for your environment.

Can you control the volume?

If you want to give your employees control over the sound masking levels in the room, we can install a dial which easily allows you to alter the frequency level to provide more comfort on a busier day in the office. You can also switch each zone on and off.



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