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Office Soundscapes

Office soundscapes are a great addition to any workplace to help improve workplace wellbeing and enhance privacy.

We have combined our expertise on sound masking with our passion for workplace wellbeing, to bring you soundscapes that can help transform your workplace.

Office Soundscapes 101 Workplace Wellbeing
What are Office Soundscapes?

Office soundscapes, much like sound masking, injects sound into the treated area to create an immersive environment.

Where they differ however, is the sound that is being injected into the environment. Sound masking produces sound that is only found in the frequency of the human voice, likened to the sound of air flow sound masking creates a calm and private environment.

Soundscapes on the other hand can offer a variety of different sounds into the environment including, bird song, water flowing, wind rustling through trees and even cityscapes.

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Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing is more important than ever. We want employees to feel safe and comfortable when working in the office. Soundscapes are the perfect way to provide your employees with a sense of wellbeing and comfort.

It is no secret that access to nature can help reduce stress levels and help improve our overall wellbeing; but for those working in cities and built-up areas, experiencing nature can be hard, particularly during the working day.

That’s where office soundscapes are the ideal solution. Providing soundscapes in open plan offices, breakout areas and shared offices is a great way of bringing the soothing effects of natures indoors.

Workplace Wellbeing

The Stats


56% report that Noise has an impact on their workplace wellbeing


58% report that noise has a high impact on their stress levels


64% have overheard a private or confidential conversation in the workplace

Improve Privacy

Soundscapes are incredibly flexible. They can be used in conjunction with sound masking to help improve privacy of the treated area or, they can be used on their own in breakout areas to help create a collaborative and comfortable environment.

Just like sound masking, soundscapes can be split into zones. This means you can create bubbles of sound depending on the areas  within the environment, breakout areas and canteen areas can have a more enhanced soundscapes, whereas open plan offices can have a subtle underlying soundscape integrated with a sound masking solution.

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Office Soundscapes 101