Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work Results 2019


Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work, 2019

The ‘Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work’ survey was conducted by the Remark Group and Dr Nigel Oseland to see whether air quality impacts a persons productivity and/or wellbeing. The survey had over 1,000 UK office based respondents with 50% male and 50% female.

The survey has been conducted  to determine whether air quality impacts a person’s workplace wellbeing, productivity and overall happiness. Dr Nigel Oseland commented:
“I am shocked by the results of this survey, but not entirely surprised. Whilst we are producing some great looking modern offices, we need to pay more attention to basic human needs, to the so-called hygiene factors, such as good indoor air quality, temperature control and noise reduction. The various disciplines within the workplace industry need a concerted effort for a marked step change from sick buildings to healthy buildings. Everyone has the right to work in a healthy workplace.”