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Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions enable companies to showcase media, communications, and multiple information, in one place. 

Using digital signage technology can improve communications with your visitors, clients and employees. This can include: communicating health and safety notifications; promoting internal communications and corporate messages; displaying educational information; and providing news or travel updates, in real-time across many devices. This means you can deliver brand messages and media in a targeted, effective way.

Remark Group offer a BrightSign digital signage solution. This is a scalable software and content player solution. The solution makes delivering remote content to one, or many screens easier to maintain, design and upload. We also provide Digital Signage Screens and the connecting infrastructure, to ensure you have a complete end-to-end technology solution, ready display your own eye-catching content to your target audience.

Remark Group have a wealth of experience, providing digital signage installation and support for businesses across the UK. Contact us to speak to our experts about a digital signage installation that will enhance your communications strategy.