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How Does Employee Wellbeing Affect Business Performance?

How Does Employee Wellbeing Affect Business Performance?

Employee wellbeing is a broad topic. It’s difficult to know how to measure ‘wellbeing’, but with the right tactics every business can gain from developing their wellbeing strategy. We’re looking at the research on wellbeing in the workplace to determine how it affects business performance.

What does the research say?

Research published by Insight suggested that organisations that improve employee wellbeing performance by 4% see a 1% increase in company profit and a 1% decrease in employee turnover.

The research also suggested that it’s better to have a wellbeing strategy in place, rather than just one or two standalone initiatives. Part of your holistic strategy might include enhancing your company culture, or looking at the work environment itself.

Benefits of enhancing employee wellbeing

Higher output and fewer sick days
If your employees are stressed at work they are much more likely to take days off to recuperate. With the right work culture in place, employees will have greater levels of energy and are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

A happy workforce is a creative one
Increased creativity can lead to better problem-solving, increased collaboration, raised levels of motivation and a positive attitude to work.

Creating a psychologically safe environment
A key barrier to open, honest communication in the workplace can be a lack of speech privacy. Having private spaces with the right Sound Masking acoustics should enable employees to freely discuss issues that may be affecting their work. This will result in problems being resolved more quickly and productivity restored.

Interested in investing in a wellbeing strategy for your business?

As wellbeing consultants for businesses, we provide a wide range of wellbeing solutions tailored to the environment. These include Sound Masking and Soundscapes to improve acoustics and speech privacy, and Digital Signage to enhance company culture and engagement. Speak to the experts at Remark today to find out more about our technology and how it could help your business thrive.

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